sabato 11 marzo 2017

Sant'Elpidio Jazz Festival and Jazz di Marca produced a new latin jazz album

ConfidencesMirko Fait 5et

Mirko Fait, in this new latin jazz album, gathers the most intimate pieces, the confidences of a life in music. Pieces that are distinguished by endearing melodies that make it varied and fun, adapted to neophytes as well as jazz enthusiasts

Produced by Sant'Elpidio Jazz Festival and Syntonia - Jazz di Marca, is a mix between Brazilian rhythms, thanks to the encounter with Rodrigo Amaral who supervised the artistic direction and arrangements, and the great passion of the saxophonist, cool jazz and bossa nova of the 50s and 60s (Tom Jobim, Chet Baker, Sergio Mendes, Miles Davis). 

Antonio Zambrini, at the piano, wove wisely and with great fantasy the harmonic canvas, solidly anchored to the sparkling rhythm of the drummer Roby Giannella and the Brazilian bassist. To these are added the gentle embroidery of soloists such as Roberto Piermartire, trumpet player of the Avion Travel band and special guest Giampiero Spina, guitarist of the Monday orchestra

Eight original pieces by Mirko Fait and two covers, one of Pino Daniele and one of Toquinho. Four pieces sung by the very beautiful and powerful incisive voice of Rodrigo Amaral. Last but not least, Mirko Fait who, with the instrumental voice of his sax, recalls the sound and melodic research of Stan Getz in his improvisations.

This quintet holds quality and style, a refined and modern sound yet intimately linked to the tradition, music that could very well come out of a club on the West Coast, a fashion show, an advertisement or the last film by Woody Allen.

"Here's more clear evidence courtesy of Italian-born saxophonist Mirko Fait's quintet that tasteful jazz doesn't run its course at America's borders. These are accomplished musicians who know how to swing and can hold their heads high in any company, foreign or domestic... the quintet is pictured on the inside jacket performing at the Sant' Elpidio Jazz Festival... What is most germane, of course, is whether Fait's quintet is proficient and worth hearing, and the answer to that is yes. The songs, all originals, are for the most part bright and charming, and the quintet plays them well."

Jack Bowers - All About Jazz

01 Lastlove (M. Fait/G. Mena Diaz)
02 Sad EyesChild (M. Fait/G. Mena Diaz)
03 Quanno Chiove (P. Daniele
04 Never Alone Melita (M. Fait
05 Rebecca Smile (M. Fait)
06 All I Missed (M. Fait/G. Mena Diaz
07 B Mine (M. Fait/G. Mena Diaz
08 Nada Mais (M. Fait - K. Dos Santos
09 Funny Day (M. Fait/G. Mena Diaz
10 Aquarela (Toquinho)

Mirko Fait 5et - line up:
Antonio Zambrini: piano
Roberto Piermartire: flugelhorn
Mirko Fait: soprano and tenor sax
Rodrigo Amaral: electric bass and voice
Roby Giannella: drums
Special guest: Giampiero Spina, guitar




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