martedì 17 gennaio 2012

New Videos for Mirko Fait

Italian Way Music made some new videos from the best track of his production.
Here some links of the video:

Other music video:

Italian Way Music

To rediscover and consolidate at local and international levels the Italian Musical prestige. To offer the best musical contents to boost all communication initiatives, night life and creation of brand. To spread the Italian Way Music Style through every artistic and technological way.

To give life to an original and unique way to consider music. To give the concept of music  “Created in Italy” a similar status to the “Made in Italy.

To form a synergy between art, communication and business in order to give a new start to Italian Creativity. To be sensitive to the different inspirations of the Italian Style to offer where necessary the best musical contents. To value the musical styles from all over the world present in Italy knowing that the true internationalization comes from the empowerment of local resources

Some service of the label:

    •    Musical Supervision
    •    Soundtrack for Films and Movies
    •    Advertising & fashion
    •    Music for events, tv and radio
    •    Ringtones and Web
    •    Production Music
    •    Publishing & Discography