lunedì 5 agosto 2013

Movies Key sextet: emotional music for synchronization.

The title of this album by the Milanese saxophonist could not have been more appropriate.Soundtrack Emotions talks indeed, in an instrumental way, about emotions, with music that goes, imaginarily, from Fellini’s dream to Truffaut’s noir, from oriental ethnic to the jazz atmospheres of big American cities. These are the soundtracks of films not yet written, not yet shot, but which, with their magical feel, could very well be taken from movies directed by Woody Allen, Pedro Almodovar, David Lynch , Michelangelo Antonioni and many other great directors of international cinema. 
Atmospheres created by the interweaving of melodies between the saxophone and the trumpet, of harmonies between the piano and the double bass, of rhythms between the percussions and the sound effects. All strong flavoured tracks, different one from the other, but which are parts of the same menu. A menu expertly developed by the artistic director Mirko Fait and mixed with great care by Jorge Gonzalez. To conclude, the soundtrack of a film that has already moved us without having been seen yet.

1. Movie Almost Blue
2. Emotions Without Words
3. Chet Baker Night Dream (Original Version)
4. Spring By the Sea
5. Hopes and Disappointments
6. Autumn By the Sea
7. Jazzy Night in Bagdad
8. Filmmakers' Fantasy
9. Synchronised Hearts in Venice
10. Memory of Asia
11. The Soundtrack of My Life
12. Chet Baker Night Dream (Reprise)

John Toso, piano
Mirko Fait, tenor and soprano sax
Marco "chet" Luigini, trumpet
Jorge Gonzalez, percussions
Toni Farina, sound effects
Stefano Scopece, double bass

All composition by:
John Toso, Mirko Fait & Stefano Scopece

Art direction & audio mixing: Mirko Fait & Jorge Gonzalez
Produced by John Toso
@ Copyright Italian Way Music 2013 

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